Capturing of events, meetings, brainstorming sessions or presentations

Short example graphic recording during book launch event

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Graphic recording uses graphic, text and pictures to communicate your key points in the most appealing way by presenting your ideas visually. Your presentation efficiency will actually be doubled exactly because - your audience will not only listen but also follow your message visually.

The technic is based on capturing the discussion and ideas "live" and in a big format on paper during an actual meeting.

The aim is to organize the multiple narrations and various problems discussed in a clear and memorable way. Therefore, through my diligent observations and quick drawings, I turn the discussion into a coherent and logical visual map to help you and the wider audience to make sense of what has happened during the meeting and to remember the key points.

This technic could be used for example during internal meetings to help the group to communicate better , as well as during various presentations, trainings, conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions and different events. The outcome of event is a visual map illustrating clearly what happened in a transparent and unique way. 

The main benefits:

  • Leading messages and key points of an event/ conversation/ meeting mapped visually.
  • Opportunity for the participants of a meeting to make visual connections between the vatious issues discussed.
  • More meaningful and productive meetings. 
  • Time savings through concentration on key messages.
  • Support for a group/ team to communicate more effectively.
  • Simplification of event the most complex stories/ problems/ concepts.